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The Cereal Expert's Insistence

It is not only delicious, but also preserves the nutrients. Bran contains a large amount of strongly anti-oxidizing vegetal active materials, dietary fiber and rich nutrients…, etc. Moreover, it is the characteristic of farina that the more concentrated the content is, the less easy it can be fully dissolved. Through years of R&D technology, we have overcome the hard-to-dissolve problem, and fully preserved the essence of bran with high-tech grinding technique, to reduce the acerbity of bran and make the nutrients more readily absorbable. Automated production facilities and strict quality control are employed throughout the entire production process. The concepts of self-growing, self-production and self-selling are implemented thoroughly, from the harvest of raw materials, highly autonomous R&D, production, filling and packaging to sales. The whole production process is under professional management and control. The pride-winning self-developed products are produced in the ISO22000 certified self-owned factory with the strictest quality control procedures, making it safe and secured for consumption.  


Insist on Quality Assurance

To improve quality and satisfy customers’ demand for diversified commodities, “Ferme Sunshine” employs the most advanced technology and equipment to assure consumers with the most reliable and trustworthy source of production.

Airtight high temperature high pressure sterilization, and special low temperature dry baking are used in the production process to preserve the savory and mellow taste of the raw materials. This also greatly improves the situation where nutrients are easily lost in traditional processing method. We assure safe food for the public with the most advanced multiple-hole grinding equipment. We provide the preferred choice of the best nutrient supplement for the elderly, the young, and also the busy modernists and health pursuers.

We consider what you care in advance.

Insist on international-grade quality control certification

The company has acquired the ISO22000, HACCP quality certificates, as well as the HALAL Muslim food certificate. Quality evaluation award – 2005 “Diamond Award for Supreme Product” by the R.O.C. Consumers Association.


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No.81,Sec.1,Tanfu Rd.,Tanzih Dist,Taichung City,Taiwan
Customer Service:04-25322555
Ministry of Economic Affairs Factory Registration Number:99-713010-00

HSIN YUAN Quality Assurance

The company passed ISO22000, HACCP international quality certification, as well as the Muslim world HALAL food certification.